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Does your cat or dog have cancer?

You need more information about

    - Treatment options
    - Side effects
    - Homecare
    - Diet
    - Supplements

We'll discuss what the diagnosis means, what treatment options are available and what else you can do to help your cat or dog. Together we will decide on the plan of action that will work best for you.

I have guided hundreds of families to make these choices and become an active participant in their pet's care.

Are you facing the loss of a pet?

If you have a pet in palliative care, we will talk about the care you can provide to maximize your pet's quality of life and survival time. We will talk about end-of-life decisions you will have to make.

If your pet has passed, we will talk about your thoughts and feelings about the loss of your pet. Together, we will turn your pain and sadness into joyful, loving remembrances.

Schedule a Session

Schedule a session
* Do not request a session if you are going to apply to the Magic Bullet Fund for assistance.
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  • When I have received the Info Form and Payment, I will email you the appointment time (from days and times you selected).
  • Fax relevant diagnostic and biopsy reports to me at 914-206-4301
  • I will call you at the phone number on your form, at the agreed upon time.
  • To add 10 minutes to your call click Payment link to the left.
Schedule a follow-up (second) phone call: Open follow up form

Initial 20-minute phone session including preparation (reading forms and faxes)
Additional 10-minute segments at the end of our initial consult, and for all follow up calls about this pet ($15.00 per 10 minutes)
Quality of Life Scale
Is your cat or dog in palliative care? This scale will help you monitor his status and help you determine the proper stage of palliative care.
Read this book!  It is a crash course for anyone who has a dog with cancer.

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